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Free Site Visit & Estimate

We want to meet you and see your outdoor space. Tell us what you really want to see when you walk outside, and we’ll create a garden landscape design that will make you want to be in your backyard and frontyard all of the time.

Once we get to know you and learn your needs, we can usually give you an estimate within the day. Our rates are extremely reasonable and we almost always quote lower prices than our competitors. Our goal is to give nature a place in your home without the need for you to break the bank.

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A Custom Landscape Design & Plant List

Once we understand your landscaping needs, a custom garden design will be created to fit your unique space and personal aesthetic. Our skilled team takes great care to make sure your outdoor space is planned thoughtfully so it will thrive for years to come. We consider your soil and sun conditions, your preference, and expectations for your lawn garden when choosing what to plant and where. We’ll also recommend low maintenance plants that meet your maintenance habits. We make sustainable outdoor living work for you.

Let Us Do The Planting and Lawn Care Service!

We source specific plants that we know from experience will grow and flourish in your environment. Whether these are indoor or outdoor plants, annuals or perennials, or potted plants for your patio, we carefully pick each one that suits your home and provide exceptional lawn care service.

We purchase from local vendors and nurseries so we know the plants we choose are already thriving in our region’s environment and soil. Then, each plant is installed by experienced hands and with great care. We take your investment in your yard very seriously and do everything in our power to make sure each plant succeeds.

To ensure maintenance of your landscape, you can also trust us to do lawn service. Our team of landscape experts ensure every service we provide is performed the right way to keep your plants looking healthy and beautiful.

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Why Eco-Friendly Landscaping?

Healthier Environment

Eco-friendly landscaping eliminates harmful chemicals and stops them from entering the groundwater, atmosphere, and food chain. It also reduces pollution which helps clean the air and restore a healthy ecosystem.

Sustainable Living

Sustaining gardening involves planting native plants that thrive naturally in whatever soil type you have. They require less watering and no chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It also includes creating composting systems.

Beautiful & Diverse Blooms

Eco-friendly landscape also increases biodiversity in your yard without requiring much effort. More native weeds and wildflowers bloom in your yard. And while they look a bit different from a perfectly-kept yard, it has more beautiful and vibrant plants.

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