10 Favorite Eco-Friendly Gardening Products

Are you looking to make your garden more eco-friendly? In that case, consider swapping your regular gardening tools with more eco-friendly products.

10 Favorite Eco-Friendly Gardening Products | Barefoot Garden Design


While you may think that your garden is already sustainable, there is always room for improvement. Moreover, many gardeners think that growing plants is the sole contributor to building an environmentally friendly space. However, gardening products and tools can increase your carbon footprint, therefore reducing your garden’s sustainability and efficiency.

Continue reading this piece to find our top 10 eco-friendly gardening products, and have a more sustainable garden.

1.     Compostable Trash Bags (click for more details)

Compostable Trash Bags | Barefoot Garden Design

Replace your plastic trash bags with these compostable trash bags. The manufacturing process for compostable trash bags includes natural starches and other biodegradable materials. So keep your waste clean without harming the planet.

2.     Water-Saving Granules (click for more details)

Water-Saving Granules | Barefoot Garden Design

Are you worried about how much water you use? In that case, then Water-saving granules can be a life-saver. Combine these granules in your soil, and you won’t need to worry about overwatering your plants, and the granules swell up as you water them, hydrating your plant just as much as it needs. You will soon notice a difference in your water usage as you see how much water you can save!

3.     Biodegradable Plant Bags (click for more details)

Biodegradable Plant Bags | Barefoot Garden Design

Are you constantly working on your garden, moving from one pot to another? If so, investing in biodegradable plant bags is an excellent idea. These plant bags are made with non-weave material, so you won’t need to remove them.

4.     Sustainable Bamboo Gardener Gloves (click for more details)

Sustainable Bamboo Gardener Gloves | Barefoot Garden Design

What’s better than cool, comfortable, and eco-friendly gardening gloves? Sustainable bamboo gardener gloves that don’t harm the planet. The gloves are breathable and comfortable, while the nitrile coating ensures plenty of dexterity.

5.     Recyclable-Plastic Weeder and Cultivator Hand Tool (click for more details)

Recyclable-Plastic Weeder and Cultivator Hand Tool | Barefoot Garden Design

When investing in tools like a weeder and cultivator, you should always choose recyclable plastic options. This Recyclable-Plastic Weeder and Cultivator Hand Tool is easy to use and doesn’t negatively affect the planet.

6.     Recycled Drainage Hole Covers (click for more details)

Recycled Drainage Hole Covers | Barefoot Garden Design

Recycled drainage hole covers have two main benefits. First, the fibers help increase the life of your plants by keeping the nutrients and water from flowing away. Finally, the fibers are also recyclable, so they do present harm the environment.

7.     Organic Vegetable Seeds (click for more details)

Organic Vegetable Seeds | Barefoot Garden Design

Organic seeds grow differently than other types of seeds. Specifically, they don’t come with any serious side effects for the environment. Try using these seeds for ethical nutrient-packed veggies.

8.     Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Planters (click for more details)

Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Planters | Barefoot Garden Design

Biodegradable bamboo fiber planters are non-harmful and offer a lot of flexibility. After all, they are biodegradable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting. Not to mention, these planters are also super cute.

9.     Biodegradable Coconut Fiber Pots (click for more details)

Biodegradable Coconut Fiber Pots | Barefoot Garden Design

Do you have a lot of seeds that you want to plant? In that case, biodegradable coconut fiber pots are a great environmentally-friendly option. These are great for all seedling types, transplanting, and cutting. Ditch the traditional pots and replace them with biodegradable alternatives for an eco-friendlier backyard.

10. Organic Salad Seed Starter Kit (click for more details)

Organic Salad Seed Starter Kit | Barefoot Garden Design

Many gardeners start their gardening journey by creating a salad garden. An organic salad seed starter kit is perfect for beginner gardeners. Organic seeds grow in a way that does not harm the planet, while you will enjoy fresh organic vegetables straight from your garden.

Bonus: Organic All-Purpose Plant Food (click for more details)

Organic All-Purpose Plant Food | Barefoot Garden Design

Well-fed soil is the key to a successful garden. All-purpose plant food gives your greens essential nutrients, keeping them well-nourished. Organic fertilizers help grow your plants in the healthiest way possible.

Bottom Line

Eco-Friendly Gardening Products | Barefoot Garden Design


The products mentioned above are great if you’re looking for eco-friendly gardening products. The best part is that these products keep your gardening game strong without harming the planet. While you can’t replace all your tools at once, take one step at a time and reduce your carbon footprint.

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