Best Plants for Summer Color

Best Plants for Summer Color | Barefoot Garden Design


Summertime is excellent to enjoy various outdoor activities, including being in your eco-friendly garden. There is nothing quite as cheerful and pleasant as a garden or yard full of colorful blooms. To keep your garden beautiful, and suitable for pollinators, here are our must-have, best summer plants.

With the arrival of summer, beds, containers, and borders are ripe for adding a few more perennial plants for color and removing plants that are no longer performing well. 

If you’re looking for good summer performers, you can try the following plants and flowers that will fill your eco-friendly garden with color, attracting bees and birds.

Best Plants and Perennials for Summer Color | Barefoot Garden Design


Best Summer Flowers and Summer Plants 

With some planning, you can have lovely blooms from summer to the first fall frost simply by choosing a couple of plants from the list below.

Coreopsis Grandiflora Sunray 

This is a fantastic yellow flowering perennial with a height of about 50 cm. Often grown in clumps, they look bright and sensational. The plant has double to semi-double gorgeous yellow flowers that start to bloom in late spring, continuing throughout the summer. 

They will add a splash of color and pop to your garden and make your landscape design stand out. Coreopsis sunray makes a fantastic and eye-catching border plant, and you can divide it up every couple of years in early spring to pop around the bare and sunny patches in your yard or garden.


You may know that Penstemon is an excellent drought-tolerant perennial. The plant blooms in colorful and unique spikes that grow from eight inches to a whopping 5 feet tall, depending on the variety. Penstemon plants are striking and attractive herbaceous perennials with lance-shaped foliage and long spikes of spectacular tubular flowers. 

Besides a wide range of heights, these plants are available in many colors, such as yellow, pink, purple, and red.

Arctotis Blood Red

This is often used as a ground cover that virtually cannot be killed. Arctotis Blood Red has the deepest and most eye-catching red flowers that emerge from silver foliage and cover areas of up to one meter. They look quite effective and elegant when planted as a groundcover under shrubs and trees.

You will be pleased to know that Arctotis Blood Red is also a great low-maintenance plant. All Arctotis have to be in full sun; otherwise, their flowers will not open, making them ideal for summertime. Arctotis Blood Red is also great for steep embankments or huge areas that require soil erosion stabilization


If you are into gardening, you must have heard of Petunias. They have some of the best and most striking flowers from any of the common annuals that blossom in summer. Did you know that petunias also have one of the longest flowering periods? 

Petunias are popular summer flowers for adding instant color and pop to your garden. You can grow them in containers or hanging baskets.

The trumpet-shaped bright, and colorful flowers usually appear in early spring, blooming until late fall. These enchanting and attractive flowers can be yellow, purple, white, lavender, or even coral red.

Balloon Flower 

This is another excellent option. Balloon flower is an eye-catching, attractive, clump-forming perennial that gives a lovely and cheerful display of color and elegance to your late summer garden. 

It is a compact herbaceous perennial with a height of about 60cm and has green-blue, lance-shaped leaves and big, balloon-like buds that will surely impress visitors and guests alike. You will find them in eye-catching shades of pale pink, blue, and white.


Did you know that “Giotto” delphiniums make stately (as much as 1.8m) back-of-border plants, especially in full sun and rich and moist garden soil? Also, you can go for Belladonna Group, which is a daintier cousin of delphiniums, and have a bushy habit and lovely single flowers in blue. You should cut these plants to ground level after flowering in order to promote more flowers in late summer.


When many people think of daylilies, they often think of the bright and colorful orange ones called “ditch lilies.” On the other hand, some think of orangey-yellow ones usually seen in the parking lots of shopping malls and stores. 

However, keep in mind that daylilies come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The daylily is colorful and is sure to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home and will grow pretty well in the summer season. 

Summing Up

Flowers and plants bring color, elegance, and fragrance to your garden or home. If you add these summer flowers and summer plants to your garden each year, they will make your garden or yard more colorful and appealing.