Garden Ideas

Mulch, plants and flowers | Barefoot Garden Design

Small Garden Ideas

A small garden can be a great garden When most people think of a beautiful, thriving garden, we often imagine a large space with tons

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composting device | Barefoot Garden Design

Composting Made Easy

Being eco-friendly is not as hard as it seems We love nature as gardeners. To be a responsible gardener and citizen of Mother Earth, I

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winter plants | Barefoot Garden Design

Plants to Grow in Winter

A (Southern) Winter Wonderland When I imagine winter my mind goes to snow covered mountains, hot cocoa in hand, and a pair of skis strapped

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best plants for fall | Barefoot Garden Design

Holiday Garden Tips

Ah, the holidays! There are so many things that make the holidays great. Loved ones, Hallmark movies, Ugly Christmas sweaters, food, food, and more food.

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