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Taking care of orchids is rewarding and low-maintenance. Learn how to take care of orchids!

How to take Care of Orchids 

Introduction Orchids are beautiful, tropical, and surprisingly easy-to-grow houseplants. I absolutely adore the bright-pink blossoms that stick around for so long! Once you learn how

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How to Attract Hummingbirds

Introduction  Hummingbirds are adorable and beautiful birds, who also serve as pollinators to some of our favorite flowers and trees. It’s no wonder that so

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How to Create a Vegetable Garden | Barefoot Garden Design

How to Create a Vegetable Garden

Source Creating your own, backyard vegetable garden has a bucket-full of benefits. Gardening is therapeutic, homegrown produce has better flavor and nutrition than store-bought produce,

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Bee Pollinating a Flower DIY Bee House | Barefoot Garden Design

Garden DIY Bee Houses

“Wait a minute, a DIY Bee House? I thought bees lived in hives.”  Well, they do! For the most part…  The bees we are most

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