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Easiest Camellias to Grow | Barefoot Garden Design

Easiest Camellias to Grow

Introduction  Camellias are a Southern garden staple. Known for their luscious foliage and various flowers, these precious perennials make a lovely addition to any landscape.

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Dogwood trees come in many cultivars. Known for their beautiful and varied flowers

What Is A Cultivar?

In the world of gardening and horticulture, sometimes we use crazy, made-up sounding words like “cultivars” to describe what we’re talking about. What is a

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North American Pawpaw | Barefoot Garden Design

The North American Pawpaw

When it comes to fruit trees, there’s nothing quite like the North American Pawpaw (Asimina triloba). Pawpaws are tropical looking, short growing, beautiful trees. They

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Beautiful purple and blue plants | Barefoot Garden Design

Perennials vs Annuals

Georgia on my mind Is there anywhere more beautiful in springtime than Georgia? Our trees suddenly explode in pink and white tufts of flowers, the

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