Garden Activities for Kids

Getting our children outside makes them happier and healthier, and finding hands-on garden activities for children that get them excited and engaged, although it can be difficult. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of some garden activities for kids that can be adapted to fit any age!

1. Create a “Little” garden space 

Designate a space in your garden, just for your little one. It can be a planter or even a small patch of the garden. Creating their own place to dig, plant, weed, and watch encourages them to care for and observe the wonders of the natural world. 

2. Press Flowers 

Spring and Summer are wonderful times to collect and press flowers. Collect flowers and cut the stems down to the buds, then fold a bit of wax paper or parchment paper around them, and then place them in a large book, and wait a few days before checking on them again. Pressed flowers make great stickers or other decorations for paper crafts! 

3. Go for a Bug hunt 

Take your little one on a bug hunt and see what you can find, while traversing the yard. One of the best ways to get your little one excited and engaged is to teach them to see the “wild” animals living on your very street. You can then find rolly-pollies, earthworms, and ladybugs, then see what fun facts you can find out about them! 

4. Create Leaf impressions

Walk around and observe what trees you see in your yard or neighborhood and collect a leaf or two from each tree. While placing the leaf under a piece of paper, use a crayon (long ways) to make a rubbing of the leaf. See if you can make a bark rubbing as well to create your own matching tree game! 

We’d love to see what garden activities for kids you and your family do! Tag us on social media by adding #mybarefootgarden We can’t wait to connect with you!