Gardener Feature Series: Garden with Georgia

Welcome to this new addition to our page! Where we will be featuring gardeners that have a passion for nature. They also put a ton of hard work into their craft. We are excited to introduce in our first Gardener Feature. We welcome Georgia Smith (Garden with Georgia.) A talented gardener that has seen some amazing success in her backyard garden. The great thing is that it has translated to online success as well. Let’s take it away!

Q) How did you get into gardening? Was it always a passion, or did something spark it?

A) I grew up on a mini-farm with many animals. Goats, chickens, horses, a pig and a large three terrace garden on the side of a hill. I had zero interest in anything other than pretty flowers and the occasional interest in helping my mom pick harvests if it was vegetables I liked. It wasn’t until 2020 that I really found a passion for it on my own. I took a voluntary leave from work and needed something to keep me busy.. So I started a single garden bed on the side of my house. I loved it so much, my husband and I decided to expand that winter and started the build out of the space I have today!
Gardener Feature Vegetables

Q) What is your current focus area? Do you see this expanding?

A) I’m currently focusing on expanding a little. We built two additional beds in the front of the garden this year and some steps to help beautify the entrance. I hope to build two more beds on the other side of the steps after the summer season this year! I have big dreams to build a berry garden behind the current garden so hope to do that in the next year as well!

Q) What are you most looking forward to in your garden? Anything exciting in the works?

A) I’m most excited to see how my tomatoes on a trellis do this year! I’ve only grown tomatoes in cages and I feel like there’s so much potential for growing them on a trellis. That’s super exciting to me!
Gardener Feature Tomatoes

Q) What are some eco-friendly tips you would have for our readers?

A) I’ve been growing my seedlings in repurposed containers and it’s so rewarding. I save containers from sour cream, to-go drinks, iced coffee, etc. I’m on year two of the same containers and there’s just something about repurposing plastic and quite literally growing something new out of it that brings me joy.

Q) Any words of advice as a feature gardener for those that are thinking of getting started with a project, but can’t find the time?

A) Don’t compare yourself to others. If someone else can grow more than you, it just means they have different ways to spend their hours in a day.
You can start growing a pepper in a pot and I promise you will find joy and learnings from it. Don’t get discouraged by looking at Pinterest or Instagram gardens and think you have to go big or invest thousands of dollars to start growing a garden. You can start with one and find the joy in the small things, I promise.