Ideas for Privacy in your Backyard


Nothing is more peaceful than kicking back and enjoying some moments of solitude in your backyard. However, sometimes it can get a little too uncomfortable if you do not have any privacy from the neighbors.┬áIf you need help with privacy in backyard ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Ideas on How to Create Privacy in the Backyard

Here are some of the best landscape design tips to add the privacy factor to your backyard. 

Building a Fence or a wall

If you have recently installed a patio or a pool in your backyard, you may immediately require an obstruction of view. In this case, you can build a solid fence as high as 6 feet to create a private space to relax in your backyard. However, you have to ensure that you follow the local building code to avoid any penalties. 

To add a bit of character around your fence, you can do some landscape design work and add various plants around the fence for aesthetic beauty. 

A stone wall is another good option. However, you may need to hire a professional mason to carry out this task. This might cost you some money but definitely a sustainable and long-term solution to add oomph to your landscape design. You can also mount a shorter fence on top of the wall to create an additional privacy barrier between you and the neighbors. 

Installing Staggered Wooden Boards

Staggered wooden boards around your backyard create a high fence. You can get these boards in various shades of yellow, green, red, and black. Try softening the effect of the color with a bit of gardening and planting shrubs and feathery trees in front. 

Layered Plantation

If you have a large backyard, you can plant evergreen shrubs and trees to create a more natural-looking barrier for privacy. You can layer plants by grouping them in odd numbers. You can also plant deciduous trees that can naturally grow between 25 to 60 feet, and provide good obstruction for you to enjoy a little bit of privacy in your backyard. 

Panels and Pergolas

Defined areas such as outdoor decks, kitchens, and small patios are easier to screen than the entire backyard. Therefore, you can build an enclosure around these structures to create a sense of privacy. This also helps you create that feeling of intimacy of eating indoors while enjoying the beautiful weather sitting outside. 

Walls of Green

You can create a wall of green plants along your fence. However, you must ensure to prune your trees to prevent overgrowth. You can use any plants that can offer a thick layer of leaves and branches to block the view of the outsiders. 

Curtain Screens

If you have a large backyard but only use a certain area, you can create a structure using bamboos and poles to create a teepee-like structure. The next step would be to add curtains around the structure to add privacy and relax in your backyard, enjoying the sun. 


You can install outdoor structures such as arbor or trellis as part of your backyard landscape design. This will quickly help you block neighbors’ views and incorporate some privacy into your backyard. You can also use plants that can grow rapidly. Vine is an ideal plant to offer full obstruction of view. You can buy pre-made freestanding cedar trellis and place them around your backyard or in a specific area. 


Image Source: Pexels

Using Fountains

Sometimes your backyard is too small and close for the neighbors to hear your private conversations. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to mask the noise. This can even help if you have a noisy AC compressor in your backyard. You can add a foundation, so the water noise can fade the unwanted background noise. 

Use this to your advantage if you have a smaller backyard space. Using a higher foundation with many layers can help. This is because water falling from a height and through various tiers creates louder noise. This can help mask your voice as you indulge in some pleasant conversation with a bit of laughter. Not only will it help you ignore any outside noise, but it will help your neighbors ignore the noise coming from your back garden. 

Ideas on how to create privacy in your backyard: Conclusion

If you have been searching for a solution to create privacy in your backyard, the above-mentioned landscape design ideas will help. Any of these tips will not only add character to your gardening style but also create an eco-friendly space to cater to your guest and relax with your loved ones during a bright sunny day.