Landscaping Ideas to Increase Curb Appeal

Landscape Design Ideas to Increase Curb Appeal | Barefoot Garden Design


Do first impressions matter? Yes, they certainly do. Especially in situations when you’ve a limited amount of time to make your impression. One example is when you are selling your home. Curb appeal can have a huge impact on first impressions, and the value of our homes. Let’s explore some landscaping ideas to increase your home’s curb appeal

The front of your house is often the first thing that most people see. This is why creating a warm and inviting entryway makes your house feel welcoming, giving an excellent first impression.

A house with excellent curb appeal is not just welcoming for guests, visitors, or neighbors to enjoy. When you return home after a long and hectic day, a well-designed entry will make you happy to be home. 

Additions to your front yard are about curb appeal landscaping. With the right landscaping ideas, you can boost your home’s curb appeal. It is so important to make sure additions to your front yard improve your home’s curb appeal.

There are many fun and simple ways to play around with the landscaping in your front yard. Use time-tested landscape design ideas to boost your home’s value and curb appeal. 

Landscaping Ideas to Increase Curb Appeal

Landscape design is an art form. This is because turning a mundane, dull, and shriveled landscape into something attractive and appealing is not a simple task. Is your landscape a train wreck? Don’t worry, as you don’t actually have to burn a hole in your pocket to upgrade and improve your front yard or patio. 

Here are a few of our favorite landscape design options and ideas that will elevate your landscape and improve curb appeal.

Landscape Design Ideas to Increase Curb Appeal | Barefoot Garden Design


Add Colors and Fresh Mulch

Make your house pop and stand out with color. This may mean flowering shrubs and grasses. On the other hand, you can achieve it with colorful foliage. 

Colorful flowers and well-maintained plants can easily add that wow factor that you are looking for in the front yard and make a big difference. You can use front yard plants, such as hydrangea and azalea, as they are the most impactful. 

In addition, ensure that you add a fresh layer of well-installed mulch with professional edging and use eco-friendly pesticides to stop weeds from growing. 

Use Foundation Plantings

Did you know that deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees tend to work great with perennials as foundation plantings? Note that foundation planting entails using a combination of entrance and corner planting. Also, a transitional area joins them. 

Choosing the best plants for your space will give your garden layers as well as vibrant color. It is best to pick plants that are of varying heights and textures. 

Leverage Landscape Lighting

When it comes to curb appeal, landscape lighting can undoubtedly have a significant impact. This is because you want your house to have curb appeal not just during daylight hours but also when the sun goes down. 

So, if you would like to add some extra curb appeal to your house at night, you can add a few lights! The best thing is that landscape lights, especially LED lights, are pretty affordable. 

You can also choose a few solar lights that you can easily stake along a walkway or the edge of your garden. You may also uplight shrubs and trees in order to show them off in the evening and night.

Add a Few Boulders

It is worth noting that adding 2-5 boulders to your front yard, especially in prominent places, will make a big difference. Your leafy and green yard will now have texture and weight and look more attractive. 

Invest in a Porch Swing

If you like gardening and landscaping, you know that nothing could lift the charm and elegance of your porches like a conventional wooden swing embellished with a couple of cozy pillows or cushions. And if you think that your porch is not large enough for a swing, you may opt for a small wood bench or a few rocking chairs instead.

Create a Nice Border for the Flower Beds

A great way to create clean and chic lines throughout your landscape is to add a border to your flower beds. You can also upgrade an existing one. 

Did you know that bricks are one of the most famous material choices for edging gardens? This is because you can use them easily in all types of ways, such as lay them down flat or on their sides, for a unique and catchy appearance. 

Summing Up

Improving the appearance and feel of your front yard doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. By making some simple changes to your landscape design, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and create the perfect first impression.