Small Garden Ideas

A small garden can be a great garden

When most people think of a beautiful, thriving garden, we often imagine a large space with tons of colorful and flowering plants. We imagine walls of green and overarching vines that make us feel like we’ve been transported into another world. While this may be the goal for many gardeners, the end result often leaves us disappointed.

The challenge with a smaller garden and how to make the most of it

Home-owners encounter a variety of challenges when getting started building their dream garden. One of them is the actual size of their “canvas” or yard. Often, we feel if a garden is small then we limit our creativity or potential. But big things come in small packages! (As long as you know how to make the most of it.)

When it comes to making the most out of your small garden space, the key to success is pinpointing a theme or idea. Do you want a mini oasis to escape the craziness of everyday life? Or perhaps a vegetable garden where you can source fresh produce and herbs for cooking? Once you align on your goals, the next step is planning the space out. Here are some small garden ideas.

So, how can you start?

Hardscaping (hard landscape materials, such as concrete, stone, or wood in the built environment structures that incorporate into a landscape) is a great first step to consider. What are the main focal areas of your yard? Ones that you would need access to and where do you want your eye to go? Consider a path, build out a seating area, or even create borders or raised beds along the edge of your garden. Fire pits and fairy lights are popular additions to small gardens and allow you to enjoy the space all night and all year long.

Too much of a good thing?

When trying to get the most impact out of your space, consider limiting the number of different plant varieties you choose. It can be hard for plant lovers to hold back when selecting the plants you’re excited to see in your yard. Choosing too many different kinds of plants is a common trap many gardeners fall into. If there is no common thread connecting the whole garden together such as color themes or repeating plantings, the space will look messy and disorganized. Even cottage style gardens known for their more “wild” look, are actually edited and organized more than they appear. Choose between five and twelve plant varieties depending on the size of your space and you’ll love the way your plant layout works together in the end.

Go vertical!

If space is a serious commodity, consider using vertical space! Walls and fences are perfect places to add greenery while keeping your garden functional. Lattice and hanging containers are great options for vertical gardening. You can also create your own green walls with the use of landscape fabric and soil. Succulents and herbs do especially well in a vertical garden.

We hope these sall garden ideas have been helpful! Let your imagination flow and enjoy your mini-oasis.

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