Holiday Garden Tips

Ah, the holidays!

There are so many things that make the holidays great. Loved ones, Hallmark movies, Ugly Christmas sweaters, food, food, and more food. It is a time when friends and family come together, putting aside the things that may be causing stress or pain, and celebrate love, joy, and thankfulness. Here are our favorite holiday garden tips.

The best way to make the most out of your garden this holiday season is as follows: Make it a space where your family and friends can have fun and enjoy each other. While it is wonderful to have a family all gathered together, it may also the rooms inside reach capacity quickly. Creating a welcoming space outdoors can be a fun space that provides entertainment while also helping to keep the peace. Especially with our mild Georgia winters.

Here are some holiday garden tips to make the most out of your garden:

1) Build a firepit – Just imagine your family cooking smores while cuddled up under a blanket together. A perfect way to unwind after a festive day and sure to make you the favorite of all your young (and old!) family members.

2) Lawn games – Games like Cornhole or bocce ball quickly pass the time as the turkey is cooking. They’re great for all the young (and young at heart) family and friends.

3) Using the plants in your yard to build a holiday-themed wreath. What better way to welcome your loved ones to your home than a homemade wreath made from plants in your own garden? Magnolia leaves, pine cones, fresh herbs, succulents, and holly berries are just a few ideas to use in your DIY wreath.

4) Fall Foliage – Plant specific shrubs and flowers that look their best in the fall. Use them to show off and look their best to give your garden more life. Plants such as mums, camellias, and pansies are just a few ideas. Check out the article “Plants That Look Their Best in Winter” for more ideas!

5) Wonderment areas around the yard – Create secret paths and hidden items for kids to find and get lost for hours. Even if you have a small yard, kids can still be entertained for ages – but it takes some imagination! Things like “Fairy Doors” (seen on The Beltline in Atlanta) or scavenger hunts can help create memories that will least a lifetime.

6.) Set the dining table up outside – If the weather is pleasant, why not eat al fresco! Enlist some extra hands and move the table and chairs outside. You can decorate the table with colorful leaves and cut flowers or vines.