The Best Plants for Fall & Winter Color

Every year, after a long and sweltering Summer, Fall gifts us with its presence. Our neighborhoods become painted in hues of vibrant orange and fiery red and the constant crunch of fallen leaves accompanies our path. Living in the south, we are the lucky ones that get to enjoy Fall’s perfect temperatures and stunning views long into November (and possibly December as well) – So we wanted to pull together a list of beautiful fall plants and winter plants.

“Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower.” -Albert Camus

So how do we make the most of Fall foliage? What are the best fall plants? Here are some of my favorite Fall show offs that continue to be “Teacher’s Pet” all year round.

Plants that look best in fall: 1) Virginia creeper

Virginia Creeper is a fast growing vine that may be used as a climbing vine or ground cover. Its leaves are a luxuriant green before turning brilliant colors in the fall. This hardy vine will grow on any surface thanks to its adhesive-like tips and is one of the earliest vines to change color in the fall.
Best Plants for Fall & Winter Color | Barefoot Garden Design

Plants that look best in fall: 2) Autumn Blaze Maple

Possibly the most fitting name of all, The Autumn Blaze Maple is a beautiful and low maintenance tree. It grows quickly and, in our southern heat, does best in a bit of shade. During Fall it explodes into a fiery orange and red canopy of leaves – the perfect fall plant.
Autumn Blaze Maple | Barefoot Garden Design

3) ‘Little Henry’ Itea Sweetspire

This native border plant is well known for the sweet smelling white flowers that shoot out during the Summer, but their true talent truly lies in the fall, where it displays dazzling red and orange foliage throughout the fall season.
Little Henry Itea Sweetspire | Barefoot Garden Design

4) ‘Pearl Glam’ Beautyberry

This glamourous beauty doesn’t just strut its stuff in the Spring, where it shows out with vibrant purple leaves and white flowers but the showstopper really comes in the fall when it produces fabulous Orchid berries that last into the winter months. Another bonus is the upright growing nature, so makes this a great fit for smaller yards.
Pearl Glam Beautyberry | Barefoot Garden Design

5) Mapleleaf Viburnum

Similar to the Dogwood, the Mapleleaf Viburnum offers constant seasonal beauty. This hardy and drought tolerant shrub offers small, green leaves that turn to a reddish-purple shade adorned with showy bluish-black berries in Autumn. The Mapleleaf welcomes Spring by producing tiny white flowers.
Mapleleaf Viburnum | Barefoot Garden Design