The Best Time To Plant May Surprise You

As a fellow plant-lover, I think we can all agree Springtime is a magical time for planting. The sun begins to melt away the winter cold.. We can finally pull out those well loved but long forgotten gardening gloves. Our favorite nurseries are filled to the brim with bright blossoms and our favorite perennials show their glorious faces again. But I am here today to make a gardener’s argument for Fall, the unsung hero of the gardening year. We’re here to explain why it is indeed the best time to plant.

Firstly, let’s talk about temperature.

We all love putting on our favorite, cozy sweater, grabbing a coffee, and getting outside to enjoy those crisp, Autumn days. Our plants are no different! (They even love coffee… grounds as fertilizer!) WHen planting, you need an average soil temperature of 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit in order to achieve maximum growth. In other words, our plants thrive in “Sweater Weather”.

While we also see these temperatures in Spring, plants that are planted in the Springtime are often thrust into a hot Summer period that can severely stress the plant as it is still attempting to get established. To survive any heat waves or early onsets of summer, which are almost a certainty here in Georgia, our newly planted greenery will need an excessive amount of water.

The Root of the Issue

On the other hand, a planting during the mild Fall months has time to grow. It can then establish strong roots, and then settle into a state of hibernation during the winter. With this additional growing season under its belt, it has developed a stronger root system and has become more resilient to the upcoming Summer. And the best part is, it will double the growth by the Spring which means more size and more flowers! Win win!

The best time to plant – and save money!

Lastly, if you are a bargain gal like me.. You will love the discounted price tag of perennials once summer has come and gone. You will easily find your favorite plants at 50% off or more!
When is the best time to plant perennials? My vote is sweater weather Fall.

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