The Unexpected Benefits of Using Mulch

Let’s talk about mulch.

Should you really pay $3 for a bag of tree bark that will only cover about 2 square feet of your flower bed? Well… the long and short of it is… yes, yes you should. Mulch is definitely an investment of money and effort, but the return on investment makes it so worthwhile. There are so many benefits of mulch!

Mulch is the glow up you didn’t know your flower beds needed! Applying a layer of mulch unifies your garden bed and covers all those pesky weeds that you can never quite get all pulled out. It quickly takes your flower bed to the next level aesthetically. It will also keep your neighbors admiring your garden all winter long.

So, what are the benefits of mulch?

From a practical standpoint, mulch benefits your plants by smothering weeds. It invites helpful earthworms to move in, regulating the temperature of the soil, retaining moisture, providing nutrients and preventing erosion! The Fall is a perfect time to apply mulch to help protect your plants from harsh winter temperatures and ensure healthy and beautiful growth come Spring.

Eco-friendly mulch options

If you are looking for a more budget/eco friendly option, contact your local tree cutting company and ask them to deliver a load of wood chips to your yard after their next tree cutting. I will warn you, a full tree = a LOT of mulch. This is a great option if you have a large area you are looking to cover in mulch or if you go in together with a neighbor (or two or three). The positives is that the mulch is free and no plastic bags are involved. Just remember that the pieces will have a more natural look, AKA not all the same color. But they still look great and work perfectly for providing plant protection!

How to reap the benefits of mulch? Get that work in!

Lastly, spreading mulch is a workout! You are weight training as you lift the bags and getting an arm and core workout as you spread the mulch evenly. I can’t say for certain how many calories you may burn but I do know you definitely earn a nice glass of wine after all that hard work. So pour yourself a glass, step outside, and enjoy it as you admire your gorgeous flower beds.

Happy mulching!

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