What to Plant in Full Sun

Considering how many summer garden plants can bloom and thrive in full sun, it’s difficult to narrow down the best options. So, wondering what to plant in full sun? Enjoy this round-up of our fave sun plants. Just keep in mind that most sun-loving plants will have different requirements for soil and moisture. 

Full sun means scorching hot weather, which can bake your flowers and dry them up. While some plants like bearded irises can cope with the heat, others require moisture-retentive soil and frequent watering to survive the hottest days.

This is when you need to choose carefully if you want your yard to remain full of fresh and colorful blooms. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of where to start. Here’s a list of some excellent sun-loving plants you can choose for summer gardening.

What to Plant in Full Sun


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Beautiful, bright, and summery, Marigolds can lighten up any place, whether you plant them in your indoor garden or yard. The gorgeous blooms are a combination of orange and yellow and can add a pop of color to garden beds, borders, window sill gardens, and flower pots.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that marigolds are some of the easiest types of plants that bloom in the direct sunlight outdoors. So, if you want flowers that grow in full heat and sun, marigolds are a good choice.

Did you know marigolds can keep rabbits away from your garden? That means planting them around your garden’s perimeter is beneficial. Just make sure that your marigolds are scented, as hybrid varieties don’t have the same aroma.

You can grow these colorful flowers from the seed or seedlings from the local gardening centers.


Are you looking for romantic-looking and delicate flowers that come in subtle shades of white and pink for your summer garden? In that case, you can plant some peonies.

The attractive bellowing blooms are pollinators and bee favorites, so they’re ideal for a bee-friendly garden. Peonies grow excessively when you plant them from mature seedlings available in the local gardening center.

These vibrant annual flowers do best in full sun!


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Lavandula angustifolia, better known as lavender, is another great option if you’re looking for full sun plants. Popular for their fragrant aroma, these easy-care plants enjoy dry, hot conditions, making them suitable for different landscapes. Lavender is a great candidate for regions prone to water scarcity or drought.



Zinnias are beautiful, classic blooms that prefer the sun. In addition, they come in a variety of colors and types. You can plant these flowers in shades like pink, purple, and white. These full sun blooms grow tall and are easy to locate from a distance. This particular feature makes Zinnia an ideal blooming plant for growing in cutting gardens and borders. 

You can grow zinnias from seeds or buy seedlings from various gardening centers. Not to mention, the colors complement the season to give you an aesthetically pleasing yard.

Black-Eyed Susan

Grow bright orange and yellow blooms with a unique black center if you want to create flower beds or cutting gardens. The gorgeous black-eyed Susan amps any landscape design as they grow and spread quickly. It is one of the flowers that take full sunlight to grow.

Full Sun Perennials

Full sun perennials also do well when you plant them in summer. The perennials reseed themselves and spread quickly on their own. Planting full sun perennials means that you don’t have to worry about replanting them for the following season.

Also, if you want a low-maintenance plant, perennial flowers are your best option. Some of your best options for full sun perennials include;

  • Coreopsis
  • Salvia
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Sedum
  • Delphinium
  • Dianthus


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Hibiscus is the sun lover, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Its vibrant tropical flare shows just how much it loves the sun. The flower is one of the best choices for a sunny area. However, hibiscus grows well and blooms fast when planted in containers and pots. 

It’s a major reason many people choose this eco-friendly plant for their patio. Mature hibiscus plants are excellent for summer gardening and come in beautiful shades of white, magenta, and pink.

Want to learn about some combinations that are the best full sun plants?

Chocolate Cosmos and Verbena

Chocolate cosmos and verbena bounce off any landscape design with their sumptuous and luminous striking display. Both full sun plants are tender perennials and need some protection.

Achillean and Artemisia

Yellow and silver are a classic color combination to plant a border in your garden. If your summer garden has sharp drainage, both Achillean and Artemisia ludoviciana and silver queen will bloom fast and perform best.

Summing Up

When it comes to what you can plant in full sun, the possibilities are endless! Just be sure they meet your moisture, soil type, and flower color requirements.